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MACRO is offered to give you the full spectrum of the psilocybin dosing experience. Formula: 450mg Organic Psilocybe cubensis (extracted only from the fruiting bodies of the golden teacher mushroom), 50mg Organic Peppermint (mentha piperita) added as a soothing agent to mitigate digestive upsets while potentially decreasing severity of nausea, or headaches as a side effect of ingesting raw mushrooms.

  • Potential to alleviate conditions relating to Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Addiction
  • Promotes Mindfulness, Introspective Exploration of Consciousness, Enhanced Meditation and Spiritual Self Discovery
  • Vegan Friendly + Gluten Free + Non-GMO
  • NO Added Fillers, Starch, Grains or Mycelium
  • 500mg capsules
  • 15 or 30 capsules per bottle

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MACRÖ is a versatile dose that can help you achieve the full spectrum of the psilocybin dosing experience. This blend comprises of 450mg of premium quality Organic Golden Teacher (Psilocybe cubensis) in a convenient 500mg capsule dose extracted only from the fruiting bodies of the psilocybin mushroom. In addition, 50mg of organic peppermint (mentha piperita) has been added as a soothing agent for potential digestive upsets while decreasing instances of nausea, or headaches. Each bottle contains 15 capsules or 30 capsules – Vegan friendly and Gluten Free.

Recommended use: Promotes increased positivity in mood, mindfulness, Introspective insights, self-efficacy, flow states, enhanced meditation, and alleviation of some adverse conditions relating to addiction, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD.


Psilocybe Cubensis (Golden Teacher) – 450mg

Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) – 50mg


Studies show sustained long term decreases in the following areas based on a single full dose of psilocybin mushroom:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Addiction

Reports derived from studies highlight the following:

  • 70% of participants of the John Hopkins study deemed the experience as being top 5 most spiritually significant and meaningful in their lifetime
  • 83% experienced clinically significant decreases in depression and anxiety in a 6 month followup
  • Improved relationships/increased empathy
  • Profound introspection of own consciousness
  • Appreciation for the interconnectedness of life
  • Increase in quality of life and overall well-being


A mini-dose (250mg – 750mg) of psilocybin takes you just above the perceptual threshold—but it’s not a full-blown trip. As one of our community members put it, a mini-dose gives you “that total expansion of being, total freeflow feeling” without losing touch with your surroundings. Common effects include:

  • Mood enhancement, mild euphoria or excitement
  • Mindfulness, presence, and peace
  • Openness and self-forgiveness
  • Introspective insights
  • Alleviation of persistent conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD
  • Increased motivation (e.g. to make positive lifestyle changes)
  • Increased flow states
  • Clearer, more connected thinking
  • Enhanced senses
  • Easier meditation
  • Increased enjoyment of physical activity and everyday tasks
  • Preference for introspection over socializing
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Very mild visuals possible

The next dose range is what is known as the museum or recreational dose.  It is the beginning of the journey, whether you are looking for relaxation, spiritual enlightment or looking to hit the reset button.  A museum dose can be anywhere from 750 mg to 1.5 grams dry.  This amount will get you high but will still fall short of a full psychedelic experience. The name “museum dose,” coined by the biochemist and pharmacologist Dr. Alexander Shulgin, refers to the fact that on this dose, you can still participate in public activities (such as viewing paintings in a museum) without attracting attention.

Depending on the setting, you may gain some new perspectives and encounter some ‘Aha’ moments.  Music has layers to it, trees and plants are vibrant and laughing can go on forever.  Your walls may come down and it’s common to feel more kind, honest & your true authentic self. 

This dose can be experienced with people you are close with.  Being in the outdoors camping and exploring nature can be a powerful experience. 

If you’re looking for the Classic Psychedelic trip, the moderate dose will get you there.  This dose range is between 1.5 & 3.0 grams.  At this point, you may feel like you want to do things but laying down might feel the best.  You are still in control physically but sound and visual distortion is quite apparent.  Things are happening around you that are out of your control and you may start to experience visual hallucinations.  Feelings of empathy and euphoria may take over your senses and time feels like it’s sitting still.  

If your objective is to explore deeper.  4 – 5 grams of Psilocybe Cubensis should be only for the experienced user.  Every 100 mg, at this point, can exponentially make the experience more intense.  You may start to feel like you’re losing grasp of reality and sense of time.  Geometric shapes and colours appear vividly before you.  The Trip may last anywhere from 3-6 hours.




At 5+ grams or what is known as the megadose or heroic dose, you are going into deep territory and is only advised for the experienced psychonauts.  It is widely considered the “Heroic Dose“, coined by Psilocybin trailblazer and visionary philosopher, Terence Mckenna.  Ego death is a common theme for people taking 5 grams or more.  It is best and responsible practice to have a sitter, someone you trust, to watch over you when consuming this large amount.  Sleep masks and classical music can be instrumental in this experience. 

For the first time, it is advised to take your dose in a comfortable & safe environment.  Experimenting while executing important and crucial tasks at work should be avoided until you have a good understanding as to how the prescribed dose will affect you.

Please have respect for the various doses.  The importance of setting cannot be overstated, as well as your overall state of mind before consuming these doses.  

It’s prudent that you plan the occasion ahead of time, leaving any negativity behind and entering with a clear head and good intent. 

Eating clean, getting good rest, meditating and avoiding hard drugs and alcohol beforehand is good practice.  The longer your body and mind is cleansed and prepared, the better it is when undergoing the experience. 

Again, taking larger quantities (3.5 – 5+ grams) should be respected and not be taken lightly.  Having someone with experience to watch over you is highly advisable. Common effects may include:

  • Mystical experience and intense feelings of wonder
  • Life-changing introspective or philosophical insights
  • Ego death
  • Very strong open- and closed-eye visions (e.g. memories coming to life)
  • Synesthesia
  • Time becoming meaningless


Mini dose: 1 capsule –  450mg

Museum dose: 3 capsules – 1.35g

Moderate dose: 6 capsules – 2.70g


Caution: Potential negative side-effects at high doses may include, fatigue, manic states, difficulty focusing or thought loops difficulty with some cognitive tasks, Anxiety, agitation, or restlessness, difficulty or discomfort socializing, nausea, dizziness, extreme difficulty with cognitive tasks, strong fear and anxiety (extreme “bad trip” experiences), compromised motor functions, disorientation. Avoid consuming if you on other medication, are pregnant or breastfeeding unless directed by your health care practitioner. Experimenting while executing important and crucial tasks should be avoided. Driving or operating heavy machinery is strictly not advised. Consult your health care practitioner prior to use.

Additional information

Weight 11 g
Capsule Quantity

15 Capsules (6,750mg GT), 30 Capsules (13,500mg GT)

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